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For comercial customers

Wafers are available in our stores or you can visit our e-shop.


For spas and hotels

Spa towns and hotels belong to our major and regular customers.

Advertising wafers for companies

Would you like to advertise on the spa wafer?


Wafers are made and distributed in more than 39 varieties and flavors.


OplatkySince 1992 the company Karel Plášek - KARE, seated in Luhačovice- the largest Moravian spa, produces and sells spa wafers. The Company offers its products not only in Luhačovice, but also to the many other spas and sweetshops all over the Czech and Slovak Republic



Present for your business partners


Do you have meeting with your business partners and you would like to give them some present?
We would like to receive edible gifts - quality wine, brandy, cheeses .. The packaging with the logo and contact details is
a matter of course ... 
Let you do an advertising pack of spa wafers! Such a pack of spa wafers will be appreciated by both men and women, price costs are minimal and can be unpacked at the hearing :-)
You can process the graphic design of your box in our stamp according to your requirements. You can present the logo and basic information about the company, photos, information about the company, projects ... It depends only on you.
We have been producing spa wafers since 1992, and besides the most popular nuts wafers we offer other flavors to choose from.
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