About us

As one of the few companies we remain faithful to the traditional formula, which quarantees crisp, hand-sprinkled wafer with delicious flavor. We use mainly natural materials (dried apples, nuts, coconut, cocoa, ...).
Wafers KARE ® are sought after by spa guests not only for the above-mentioned qualities but also for the reason they can taste each flavor warm.
In the beginning the company produced three kinds of wafers (hazelnut, cocoa and vanilla). Based on customer interests and demands the company has gradually expanded its range with a very tasty coconut, chocolate, cocoa-nut, apple, lemon wafers ...
All these recipes were tuning for many months to satisfy customers with unique quality.
Currently we offer more than 39 kinds traditionally sintered wafers as well as creamy, special chocolate, triangles and unfilled wafers.
As the only producer in the market we offer cereal spa wafers. They are made with chocolate and nut flavor.
We offer also new technology of special chocolate wafers. It is a thin slice between two chocolate wafers. These wafers are available in several flavors - dark chocolate, chocolate with nuts, mochito chilli, cherry and white chocolate.
As the only producer in Czech Republic, the company KARE® offers Duo wafers. In duo wafers there is combination of traditional nut wafer with dark chocolate wafer from Exclusive line. Wafers are sold in small boxes suitable for children or for coffee.
Recently we extended our offer collection "for luck." It is a small box with a mini wafers. These wafers are produced in two favourite flavors - nuts or exclusive dark chocolate.

KARE Company ® cordially invites you to visit its stores to Luhačovice, where friendly staff is always ready to offer fresh products. It has become a tradition in our stores serving each cup of coffee with fragrant warm wafer for free.