Present for your business partners


Do you have meeting with your business partners and you would like to give them some present?
We would like to receive edible gifts - quality wine, brandy, cheeses .. The packaging with the logo and contact details is
a matter of course ... 
Let you do an advertising pack of spa wafers! Such a pack of spa wafers will be appreciated by both men and women, price costs are minimal and can be unpacked at the hearing :-)
You can process the graphic design of your box in our stamp according to your requirements. You can present the logo and basic information about the company, photos, information about the company, projects ... It depends only on you.
We have been producing spa wafers since 1992, and besides the most popular nuts wafers we offer other flavors to choose from.
If you are interested in the quote and more information, please contact us to

Gift bag


 We have a gift bag with pictures of Luhačovice in our shops!
There are 14 photos on the gift bag.
Do not hesitate and stop looking at our stores!
We open every day.

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Your orders


We would like to wish all our customers and clients, thank you for your favor that you show us buying our wafers.
If you plan on ordering wafers before the end of the year, please do so as soon as possible.
Please note the annual shutdown of our production in the period from 12 December 2016 to 8 January 2017.
Orders received by us in this period will be shipped until the new year.

Spa wafer "Goog Luck"


 Have you delight your loved ones by our new packaging wafer "for luck"?
In three colored boxes we offer wafers in flavor nut or chocolate dark. In addition to the great taste you please wafers and original motifs.
So go ahead and stop with us!
It is still true that in our stores, you can, in addition to buying fresh wafers, and enjoy a good coffee with warm waffles for free.
You can order here:

New exclusiv box!


 As a novelty, we offer beautiful packing spa wafers in a can.
Tin is "Luhačovice" and are displayed on the photo to familiar places Luhačovic. Different is the packaging, which offer a flat tin in two of our most popular species - Traditional hazelnut and dark vip wafers.
We hope that you pack in a can will enjoy and bring you to a trip, holiday or spa stay nice gift.
Tin of wafers can be purchased in our stores or online shop.
Nice summer everyone wants KARE team.

Christmas orders


 Thank you for your support you have shown in us buying our wafers. We draw your attention to the annual shutdown of our production in the period from December 8, 2014 to January 5, 2015. If you are interested in ordering wafers before the end of the year, please do so as soon as possible.
In this Christmas season this year will offer the traditional "Christmas wafers in a Christmas box."
Take advantage of our limited offer and Brighten your Christmas holidays in a nice tradition.
"Wafer dipped in honey has always symbolized happiness, joy, health and mental clarity for the whole family.
Each member of the Christmas feasts breaks off from a common wafer his own piece, namoční it into honey and eat it. "
Not only Christmas wafers can be ordered through our e-shop

Advertising wafers


 Throughout the year we offer our customers the opportunity to own a presentation on the boxes on the wafer, or the wafer. 
In the time before Christmas is interested in advertising boxes or waffles even higher. 
In order to satisfy as many customers as we set a deadline for reprint boxes up to 25 November 2014. 
If this date agreed Graphics (from printers) and will be paid pro-forma invoice will be boxes of wafers delivered before Christmas! 
In the case of own waffles are related to the size of the delivery date of the order. 
However, in general, the need for about one week, the approval of the graphics on delivery baking mold. Then, the daily production of about 500 wafers. 
If interested, please e-mail:!

The end of summer


 Come and visit Luhačovice. You can enjoy a stroll through the city or on the colonnade, and that you enjoy hot spa wafers. The choice you have with us for many species, the most popular include hazelnut, vanilla, coconut, children prefer gingerbread and many others .. 
In case you do not have a way to Luhačovic, we'll send you wafers according to your wishes via our e-shop 
Shipped throughout the country within 2 working days.

Series of wafers Exluxive


 Have you tasted our entire range of wafers Exclusive? 
Offer improving and expanding, currently available for purchase wafers with dark, milk and white chocolate. Furthermore we produce a refreshing mojito flavor (dark chocolate with mint flavor), chilli (dark chocolate with chilli), the change measured mainly by men! We also offer a popular variant of dark chocolate with nuts or dark chocolate flavored with cherries. 
In addition, all of these wafers are sold in boxes with pictures Luhačovic, so the ideal gift for your loved ones! 
The latest addition to this series are wafer DUO, where we have combined the two most popular flavors in the long term at all - a slice of dark chocolate with a traditional hazelnut waffles! 
Feel free to come and try our waffles!

Christmas wafers


 As Christmas approaches, we expanded our constant supply of Christmas waffles in the box (5 pcs white cabinets and 5 pieces of cocoa).
Sweeten your Christmas holidays so nice tradition "cutting Christmas wafer."
Wafer dipped in honey is always symbolized happiness, joy, health and mental clarity for the whole family. The principle of division wafer consists in the fact that from one wafer breaks off his piece all members of the Christmas feast, dip it in honey and then eats it.

Christmas customs and traditions


During the Christmas dinner, each family can also try one of the traditional Christmas customs. If you are just looking for one that you can try at home for yourself, for example, we recommend "dividing the Christmas wafer".
Wafer is dipped in honey to symbolize how alive satisfaction, joy, health, and mental clarity for the whole family. The principle of cutting wafers consists in the fact that one wafer piece breaks off its all members of christmas feast, dip it in honey and then eats it. 
KARE produces such wafers, take advantage of our offer and bring your so beautiful Christmas Eve tradition!

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A new type wafers!


With the beginning of the summer season we bring a new kind of wafers -Chocolate Special Mochito!